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  • How To Use This Tour

    We invite you to make your way to Stop #1 of our tour, Eagle Plaza (at the corner of 12th and Harrison Streets, in the "South of Market Area" of San Francisco), and click Begin Tour.

    Each stop will include directions to the next. Walk at your own pace, perhaps listening to additional audio files, but keeping your eyes and ears open for cars, bikes, and interesting sights and people.

    If you keep the app open, it will alert you as you approach the next stop on the tour.

    Other Options:

    Touch the Map navigation button at the bottom of this app to see a Google map of the Cultural District, with icons marking the stops on our tour.

    On the Google Map, touch the "target" icon to find yourself on the map. Touch an icon to view our info about that location, or directions to it.

    There is also a SIte Map (on the main menu) which can be a helpful guide to the stops on our tour.

    If you are not actually in the District, you can still explore, using the Sites list.

    Have fun!


    If you are using a Web browser to take this tour, you MIGHT want to "bookmark" this page, or put a link to it on your Home page. Some of the links in the tour lead to other Web sites, and we would hate for you to have trouble getting back into the tour.